Pandemic reflection: Jane

What were the first few weeks of the Pandemic like for you?

I worried for our clients, I knew it was serious, I jumped into it and collected as much PPE as was available, we had a job to do and it was imperative we kept everyone safe. Lots of km’s lots of stores! From a person that really doesn’t enjoy shopping! It was a matter of ‘Rally the troops, as we enter the unknown’.

What was the summer like?

We made the most of it under the circumstances. Booked a secluded cabin on the Island with the ocean at our deck, took all our food with us to cook, did some kayaking, hiking trails and just relaxed, no phone, no TV just nature! I have to say, we really don’t appreciate this beautiful place we call home, there are so many beautiful places to visit that are literally at our doorstep!

What’s it like for you now?

We have so much more information than we did before regarding Covid. Some days appear tougher than others but we just have to take one day at a time.

I continue with the hikes or even just a walk. Fresh air does wonders for the soul.

What does your new routine look like?

I try to keep my day the same as pre-covid as much as possible, difference is my desk is at home and obviously it’s not as social!

How would you describe how you’re feeling now?

I believe there is a lesson in every circumstance we experience, this has taught me not to take people for granted (especially family) appreciate what I have, not what I need. Take each day as it comes, be grateful. Today will be a great day!

What’s been the hardest for you?

Witnessing how this effects people, emotionally, mentally, financially.

You are in a leadership position, what qualities do you think have been most important in leading at this time?

Positivity, keeping your sense of humour (we all need a daily chuckle) being there when needed, being supportive, listening.

(This is me as a cartoon character! Exactly how I feel during COVID!)

How have you been taking care of yourself?

Fresh air is my daily prescription … good for the soul for sure! Reaching out when I feel the need to, meditation.

We get by with a little help from our friends...who would you credit as helping you through this time?

My family, my work family, connecting with ‘old’ school chums through social media! (zoom is a wonderful thing). Also keeping a journal and writing five things every day what I am grateful for.

Do you have any life experiences that have helped you get through this time?

Having a tough but loving British upbringing, “you have a job to do, do it well”, “the world is full of kind people, if you can’t find one, be one”, “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and the way you make people feel is your trademark”

Any silver linings? Small graces? New hobbies?

There are always silver linings … sometimes it just takes time to notice!

New hobbies are refinishing furniture (I made a couple of coffee bars!) Wood work projects, decided this was the perfect opportunity to research my family tree! I also learnt how to make ice cream!