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Dear Parents and Families: 

We value the trust you have demonstrated by placing your relative in our care. So that we may make this a positive experience for all involved, we would very much appreciate your cooperation in documenting for us those observations or experiences that you have had as they relate to the care of your relative within his/her home or program. This participation by parents/family will help us in maintaining the high standard of care delivered to Arcus’ clients.  

Please feel free to enter on the attached sheet, any concerns, or complaints, as well as situations where you felt that a staff member should be acknowledged or given special recognition for his/her actions or performance.  

Concerns will be promptly dealt with, and a response will be provided to you within one week. It is most helpful to us if you could provide the information at the time of occurrence; please be as specific as you can in regards to the date, time, person(s) involved as well as the details of the situation. The completed form should then be sealed in the envelope provided and placed in the locked box provided for your confidentiality.  

Thank you for your assistance.  


Catherine Mellalieu, R.N.  

Director of Programs & Residential Services Arcus  

Paulette MacLean, R.P.N.  

Director of Programs & Residential Services Arcus  


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