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Working with vulnerable children and adults in British Columbia requires a great deal of preparation and due diligence. There are forms to complete, courses to take and documents to send. We appreicate your patience and understanding! Let's Go!

Onboarding: Welcome
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New Employee Information

Let's start here! In order to enter you into our company software, we will need you to complete the attached form. Please complete this form by either following this link or the QR Code.

Onboarding: Features

Online Courses


There are 2 online courses that you must complete, prior to your first day of training. These are legal requirements to work with vulnerable people in our province. These courses are free! Once complete, they will issue you a certificate. Please save that and follow the links to upload below.

10-15 Minutes

45-60 Minutes

Onboarding: List


Once you've completed the courses above, upload your certificates of completion here.

Onboarding: Projects

Getting Paid!

We will need all of these forms complete in order to pay you! Please complete them as soon as possible.

Onboarding: Features

Policy Acknowledgements

Please select each box to read the policy. We will also review in class.

Onboarding: List

Required Documents

These are a bit of work, we understand! Some of these required documents require appointments, and fees. We encourage you to make your appointments as soon as possible. We will reimburse you for all fees (please bring your receipts to the first day of class).


We require your drivers abstract from ICBC. It's so simple! Please visit this link to request it, and ask for it to be sent to

Doctor Taking Notes

All employees must obtain a medical clearance to work. Click on this link to download the form, or simply ask your physician's office to print it for you. You will need an appointment with your care provider to have this completed.

Silver bracelet

BC still screens Healthcare Workers for Tuberculosis. You can learn more about it here! We will need your TB test results. TB tests are available at many pharmacies, all health units, some physician offices and more! We recommend googling "TB Test in my area" and visiting the closest one. TB tests are a 2 visit system, so don't delay! Once you have have your results, you can upload a photo here.


Thank you for continuing to adhere to the Provincial Health Order! We will require proof of your Covid Vaccination, but no otheres. Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge.

Onboarding: Features
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That's it!

See you at training. If you need help with any of these forms, or would like paper versions sent to you - please don't hesitate to reach out!

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