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Pandemic Reflection: Corinna

What were the first few weeks of the Pandemic like for you?

For me, it was like another news story… My husband and I live a fairly quiet life in in rural BC and I work from home. My life seemed relatively unaffected… until I went to our one grocery store and saw empty shelves and then the changes taking place within Arcus to keep everyone safe.

What was the summer like?

We live in a great little neighbourhood. We’ve created our own bubble and met at the river… socially distanced. We’ve got this.

What does your new routine look like?

Relatively unchanged. Except the masks, that has changed.

How would you describe how you’re feeling now?

I worry about my friends, family and co-workers that are right in the thick of things in the lower mainland.

What’s been the hardest for you?

20 plus years of my time with Arcus was as a caregiver. I want to be there on the front-lines. It’s difficult watching from behind my desk so far away.

We believe that we are all in leadership positions here at Arcus, what qualities do you think have been most important in leading at this time?

Being responsive and constant. In a time of uncertainty, I hope this gives a sense of security. That those working so hard to keep our clients and themselves safe, will have what they need when they go home to their families.

How have you been taking care of yourself?

Walking, reading and trying to avoid additional screen time.