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Who We Are

Since 1981, Arcus has been providing high quality, specialized residential services to infants, children, adults and seniors who are developmentally challenged, have severe physical disabilities, high medical needs or are managing challenging behaviours. 

Staffed with either Residential Care Workers or Behaviour Interventionists, and supported by Nurse Clinicians, Behaviour Analysts and Behaviour Consultants - our homes are client-centered and our care is deeply rooted in our philosophy.

What We Do

Making A Difference

Staffed Residential: Behavioral

Guided by our philosophy, in service to our Mission Statement, we provide Community Housing to a unique population of individuals and their families. Supporting each person according to their needs is our primary purpose! We serve children and adults with complex behavioral needs.

Staffed Residential: Medical

Sine 1981, Arcus has been supporting inviduals with complex medical needs to live in community! Guided by our team of Registered Nurses and Registered Psychatric Nurses, we provide staffed residential care to medically fragile children and adults.

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