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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for a job?

Simply email us at

What is the process?

We will review your application, and invite you for a job interview. In the interview, we will ask you a number of questions and the process takes about 30 minutes. Following the interview, we will ask you to complete a number of criminal record checks. Once we check your references, review your suitability and receive your clearances - we will invite you to our paid training program.

What is the training?

Arcus provides comprehensive classroom training and extensive orientation. All training is paid. Training is held Monday-Friday, during business hours.

What are your casual availability requirements?

Casual employees must be available a minimum of 3 days per week (for Care Aides) and 2 days per week (for Behaviour Interventionists): one of which must be a weekend day. On the days that you are available, you must be available 2 of 3 shifts.

Why the Casual requirements?

Arcus provides care to the most vulnerable children and adults in the province. Our casual requirements ensure that the quality of care is consistent, safe and respectful. At Arcus, we are so proud of the commitment that our staff make to the very deserving people in our care.

Is Arcus Unionized?

Yes. Arcus staff are unionized with the BCGEU.

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