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To Arcus, from Geoff and Brandon

2 of my friends reached out to me recently and asked if they could make this video, on the occasion of International Nurses' Week. Geoff wanted to send a message, to all of us, from him and on behalf of his friends who cannot speak for themselves. Normally, Geoff and Brandon would just grab the microphone at a big ole' Arcus party (you know it!) - but given the circumstances, the 3 of us hopped on a call and hatched a plan.

To Geoff and Brandon, your message means the world to all of us. This is truly the greatest gift you could ever give our nurses and staff.

Special thanks to Ryan French for creating, editing and publishing the video.

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1 Comment

Thank you, Geoff and Brandon, for this touching message. Thank you to all of our amazing nurses, house and office staff for inspiring it. Thank you, Andréa, for posting it. And thank you to my great friend Ryan for the masterful creation and editing of this video. :)

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