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Staying home

Today's blog post is written for our clients (you know who you are and I know you're reading!). I KNOW how much you love going out, we all know how hard it has been to have a bunch of rules all of a sudden. I do see how much FUN you are all having staying in though, and that makes me really happy.

For those of you who don't know yet, your pal in PoCo developed an organization wide challenge. The challenge is called "the April Fool's Countdown". He's got a daily challenge (hi buddy!!! I am talking about you! I know you are reading!!) So far, everyone is participating. buddy! way to go!! We are so proud of you for doing this! You're helping everyone have fun and that is such a special thing for you to do.

Yesterday's challenge was Pajamas to Work! Here are some photos of the staff!

Can you guess what today is? Look at these ugly sweaters!

Maybe you're reading this and you are a friend or family member and you want to join along? We'd love to see your photos! I know a few parents out there are big football know who you are. Jersey Sunday...just saying. Sending big love to you all! xo Andrea

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