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Pandemic reflection: Sammy-Jo

What were the first few weeks of the Pandemic like for you?

Honestly a little stressful, but we were very lucky to not be too “effected” by the pandemic. My husband also got deemed an essential service so we both were able to work straight through. We also own a house with my parents so my mom took on the homeschooling of the kids.

What was the summer like?

Summer was different, much quieter than normal (which was also kind of nice). My son normally plays hockey until the end of June, then he is usually in summer camps/training all summer. It was nice to slow down, go camping locally and just spend time as a family.

What’s it like for you now?

Very similar, still busy with work and hockey back up and running. It’s hard not being able to have the social connection with people but we can. I do lots of dance classes on zoom, morning phone calls with my sister, and socially distanced walks.

What does your new routine look like?

Meal prep, work, sanitize, wash masks, hockey, laundry and repeat 🙂

How would you describe how you’re feeling now?

I honestly feel very lucky. We live with my parents and my mom is one of my best friends, our house is never quiet but I love that. I’ve tried to look at the positives, we have been able to spend more family time together, I have also been able to take online dance classes with teachers from all over the US and Canada.