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Pandemic reflection: Catalina

What were the first few weeks of the Pandemic like for you?

Scary, my son was sent home with a temperature and had to isolate for 2 weeks, while my husband and I worked varied hours to accommodate the changes in our workplaces. The unknown as a mom was difficult.

What was the summer like?

We spend a lot of time outdoors exploring with my son, figuring out alternative ways to enjoy our city.

What’s it like for you now?

Adjustment has happened; we spend more time together as a family and enjoy the limits. We are enjoying the family connection rather than the hustle and bustle of heavy scheduled and separated families (lots of family gatherings typically occur and I am always the organizer rather than the person who enjoys the gatherings).

What does your new routine look like?

Sticking close to home and always evaluating the need versus the want of leaving the house, being grateful for what we have rather than what we want.

How would you describe how you’re feeling now?

Still uneasy as numbers and case increase, but solace in knowing that this is our new norm and that we are enjoying the closeness of family.