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Coming "together" over Coffee

We have been finding news ways to come together lately (have you seen our Community Calendars? Join in!). We were thrilled when our Director of Finance (yay Fani!) invited us to learn about the tradition of a Coffee Ceremony (and participate in our own way).

Fani writes:

"Where I come from drinking coffee has deep meaning in our lives.  Besides the morning coffee which serves to stimulate us and helps us welcome the new day, it also has religious and socially therapeutic functions.  Monks and hermits drink coffee to stay alert for their long hours of prayer and scriptural study. The monks also boil the cherry skin of the coffee bean and chew the leaves. For us lay people the coffee ceremony marks all the important moments of our lives. We use it to welcome the new day, to welcome friends and to discuss the important issues of our lives.Here is how the ritual is performed.  The ceremony begins by roasting the coffee beans on an open charcoal brazier until they are  dark brown and the oil emerges from the beans.  Everyone takes a moment to inhale the aroma of the roasting beans, as the person roasting the coffee waves the smoke to them with a fan. Then the roasted beans are ground with a  mortar and pestle and boiled in a special clay pot called a “jebena”. Always accompanying the coffee is the sweet aroma  of frankincense, popcorn, dates, seasonal fruits and a homemade loaf of bread (with raisins and lemon & orange zest). Three rounds of coffee in a little cup called a “finjel” are obligatory.Once the coffee has been roasted there is  an open invitation for anyone to join the ritual. All family, friends and neighbors are welcome. Mostly importantly, coffee must accompany all family, social and religious discussions, the sharing of secrets, the seeking of advice, and the consoling of the grief-stricken.Today  I wish to virtually share my coffee ceremony  to express my gratitude to my family, all the frontline workers, my wonderful and strong colleagues at Arcus and all my friends . Thank you all, please enjoy the virtual aroma of my coffee ceremony! I hope sometime soon I will be able to serve you coffee in person. Enjoy!"

Here are photos of Fani's Coffee Ceremony! And below, photos of the Arcus family joining in, from near and far.

Here's a photo of our pal B enjoying "Dalgona Coffee" (Arcus in-house baristas?)

Here's C and his daily coffee ritual!

And, here are some familiar coffee "ceremonies", which one looks like yours?

When you enter into the homes of our clients, you will always be offered coffee - what a wonderful thing to look forward to again!

Until then, "be kind, be calm and be safe" ~Dr. Bonnie Henry

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1 Comment

Thank you for posting this - and thank you to Fani! I love the idea of everyone sharing that experience of taking a moment to inhale the aroma. (As a personal aside, the aroma is my favourite thing about coffee!) What a beautiful and touching description of the ritual and its meaning. Yekeniyeley (thank you).

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